Treat failure with empathy

bradley trede - treat failure with empathy
Have you ever stopped to think about how we typically respond to failure?
It’s common for society to view failure as something to be ashamed of or as a sign of incompetence. But what if we approached failure with empathy instead? Imagine a world where we responded to failure with understanding, compassion, and support. A world where we saw failure as a natural part of growth and learning, rather than a reason for self-judgment.
Treating failure with empathy means recognizing the emotional impact it can have and offering ourselves and others kindness and understanding during those challenging moments. It’s about creating an environment that encourages resilience, fosters personal development, and allows us to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth. So, what are your thoughts on treating failure with empathy?
My first job ever was a part-time utility clerk for a grocery chain. I was responsible for collecting the carts from the cart corals in the parking lot, bagging groceries, sweeping floors, returning merchandise to the shelves, price checks, and cleaning. Not the most glorious job, but it allowed me the opportunity to make money and start my path of employment.
I remember one of my managers quite well. If you messed up, you were gone. No thought of coaching or teaching the proper way to do so or even re-education for that matter. One opportunity of failure and you were terminated. Eventually, upper management caught wind of his practices and he was terminated, but it allowed me the understanding of failure.
To me, at a young age of fifteen, failure was the devil. For many years, I went to become a perfectionist as I felt that there was no room for failure. Walking on every opportunity with eggshells was the path.
One day, I met a very smart business owner and he was my initial mentor. He taught me a very important concept that I feel is something that many people do not do well with and that is embracing failure and treating it with empathy.
Failure stinks. We hate failing. When we do, our emotions impact us as we think life is over and there is never going to be any good. That is where I drive a difference of opinion and to be honest, I welcome failure.
You know, failure has such a bad reputation in our society. It’s often seen as something to be avoided at all costs, like this big, scary monster lurking in the shadows. But let me tell you, failure is not only acceptable, but it’s also necessary for our growth and development.
Think about it – some of the greatest discoveries, inventions, and achievements in history have come from countless failures. The road to success is paved with setbacks and obstacles. Every time we stumble and fall, we have an opportunity to learn, to adapt, and to come back stronger.
Failure is like a teacher in disguise. It shows us what doesn’t work, what needs improvement, and helps us refine our approach. It pushes us to reassess our goals, strategies, and perspectives. It forces us to dig deep, tap into our resilience, and keep moving forward.
If we never failed, we would never truly appreciate our successes. Failure gives us a humble perspective, reminding us of our humanity and our capacity for growth. It helps us build character, develop grit, and become more resilient individuals.
Failure also opens doors to new opportunities and unexpected paths. When one door closes, another one opens. We often discover hidden strengths, passions, and talents when we’re forced to pivot and try something different.
So, let’s change the narrative around failure. Let’s embrace it, celebrate it even. Failure is not a mark of weakness or incompetence, but a testament to our courage, ambition, and willingness to take risks. It’s a necessary stepping stone on the journey to success.
Remember, it’s not about the number of times we fall down, but how many times we get back up. So, let’s give ourselves permission to fail, to learn, and to grow. Failure is not the end; it’s just a stepping stone on the path to greatness.
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