Are you ready to master internet marketing with chatgpt?

Master Internet Marketing with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is probably one of the most popular tools online currently.  The ability to ask a chat bot a plethora of information and allow it to generate an answer.  Create some unique prompts and again it generates another response.  As you tell ChatGPT information, it continues to learn more about you, creating results and answers that generates a better response each time.

However, like every good product or service, you need to understand exactly how it works and how to arrange your prompts, questions, and statements so ChatGPT can give you the best answer possible.

 Internet Marketing is the ability to use the Internet to promote a brand, product, or service through social media, search, email, and other digital channels. With ChatGPT this ability to use an AI engine can greatly help drive successful internet marketing campaigns. In 2023, it is expected to reach $531 Billion USD and by year 2030, $1.5 billion USD.  Who wants a piece of that, whether it is an extra $100 / month or $50,000 per month?

If you learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools, you can create a powerful mechanism to put your business on auto pilot. 

I have created a short, 3-day training on how to Master ChatGPT for Internet Marketing.  Simply spend approximately 20-30 minutes per day on several quick modules and learn the ins and outs on how to navigate ChatGPT to create better marketing.

Some of the topics covered in my class:

  • ChatGPT Can and Cannot Do’s
  • What is ChatGPT and System Understanding
  • Data Limitations
  • Frameworks
  • Image Prompts with ChatGPT
  • Writing Powerful and Convincing Emails and Letters with ChatGPT
  • Launch Emails for Affiliate Marketers
  • AI Powered Sales and Marketing Toolkit
  • AI in PowerPoint: Presentation Coach
  • Lead Magnets / Opt-In Emails.
  • Earnings Disclosures

While ChatGPT can help you master Internet Marketing with AI, I also have found a few side hustles that you can make money using ChatGPT.  If you complete the 3-day training, I will upload a FREE download on 40 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY with ChatGPT I did the research on.  Don’t waste your time on reels and TikToks when I went ahead and did the work for you!

Rather than attend a full day on training, this class I am offering allows a short amount of time for a couple days, and then you get a bonus too.  If you are ready to get started click below to access the training (It’s mobile friendly).

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